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Respiratory and Allergy:
Earlier diagnosis and personalised treatment

Leads: Prof Jane Lucas, Dr Ramesh Kurukulaaratchy 

and Prof Tom Wilkinson

We are investigating how to improve clinical outcomes for respiratory diseases and allergies, through earlier diagnosis and personalised treatment.


Health needs we are tackling


How can we improve clinical outcomes through earlier diagnosis and personalised treatment?


We are developing new diagnostic and precision medicine tools for identifying disease earlier and targeting treatments:


  • Improving diagnosis: we are identifying new markers of early respiratory disease to improve diagnosis.


  • Precision-medicine treatments:  we are developing ways to predict how patients with lung diseases or allergy will respond to medicines.


  • Treating multiple conditions: we are targeting treatment to those with multiple conditions to improve outcomes, for example  by investigating the best treatment for someone with anxiety, obesity and severe asthma.

We are also developing new strategies to predict, avoid and pre-emptively treat acute exacerbations (worsening of symptoms):

  • Predicting exacerbations: we are using new digital technologies to predict exacerbations.

  • Targeted treatment: we are developing patient-centred, rapid, targeted treatments for acute exacerbations – for example by using point-of-care tests to quickly find out what sub-type of a disease someone has.


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