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Southampton has been at the forefront of nutrition and respiratory research, driving better health and care for over two decades. Here you can see examples of the impact our work has had.

You can also use the drop-down menu below to browse our impact by research theme. 

Fast tracking COVID-19 drugs into large scale trials

Preventing growth in respiratory and allergic disease

ELSA (Ethical Legal Social Aspects) Laboratory

Pioneering saliva self-sampling keeps society open during the pandemic

Cutting COVID-19 infection test times from days to hours

Fitness testing to support patients’ surgery decisions

Conversations driving healthier lives

Innovative PPE protecting frontline staff

Tackling respiratory effects of air pollution – from science to policy

Examining consequences beyond the liver for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Lifelong prevention of fractures and loss of muscle strength in later life

Online support helping fight obesity and chronic disease

Prehabilitation: supporting surgical patients physically and emotionally

Using genetics to tackle Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Preventing disease passing across generations

Developing new treatments for respiratory viral infections

Everest to intensive care: using oxygen safely and well

Fighting infections in the home

Using deliberate infection to study deadly diseases

Fighting antimicrobial resistance in our communities

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