About us

Stategy: Concentrating and sharing our strengths

The NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre aims to improve nutritional and respiratory health by developing better, individually personalised treatments and care.


Our strategy is centred on collaboration; collaboration between our research themes,  with our local communities, with clinical and academic colleagues, and across the NIHR, industry and NHS.


Established programmes in nutrition and respiratory health are strengthened through cross-cutting themes in data, microbial and behavioural sciences. Through these themes we’re driving new multidisciplinary projects and programmes of work with local, national and international collaborators.

Structure: 600 researchers, five themes

The centre of over 600 researchers draws together the patients, staff, trainees, facilities and equipment needed to study health, disease and new treatments.

It does so through two main research themes and three cross-cutting or common themes:

Main themes

Cross cutting themes