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BRC Science Forum

During the pandemic, NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre established a weekly online forum to continue sharing and discussion of the latest research. To gain access for the upcoming talks, please contact

All staff with a University of Southampton login to Microsoft Teams can access the recordings of these talks via the links below (made available after the talk), whilst  University Hospital Southampton staff can access these recordings on StaffNet (search 'BRC Science Forum').


Previous talks


9 February

2 February

  • Dr Anastasia Theodosiou: Neisseria lactamica human challenge study in pregnant women (permission not given for recording)

26 January

19 January

12 January



8 December

1 December

24 November

  • Dr Mark Edwards: OPTIMISE II trial results - settling controversies in perioperative haemodynamic management? (permission not given for recording)

  • Dr Cathrine McKenzie: The Critical illness project

17 November

10 November

3 November

20 October


13 October

6 October

7 July

30 June

23 June

16 June

9 June

26 May

19 May


12 May

  • Prof Mark Sutton and Bethany Martin: Impedance-based Fast Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (iFAST)

  • Stephanie Easton: An adolescent breathing retraining self-management app (Breathe4T): pilot trial results

5 May

  • Dr Davide Filingeri: Autonomic and behavioural thermoregulatory responses to heat stress in women across the lifespan

  • Heather Parsons: Co-producing better science

28 April

  • Dr Josie Bryant (Wellcome Sanger Institute): Within-host genomic diversity of respiratory pathogens

17 March

  • Prof Saul Faust: COV-BOOST (consent not given for recording )

10 March

  • Prof Jane Lucas & Dr Claire Jackson: Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia in the genomics age

3 March

  • Dr Beth Clark: Supporting teams to deliver more Personalised Care - The Wessex Activation, Self-Management and Personalisation Programme

  • Dr Edilson Arruda: Patient pathway modelling for resource capacity planning and Personalised Care

24 February

  • Dr Jagmohan Chauhan: Acoustic Sensing for Healthcare

  • Dr Hannah Schiff: Towards a point of care test for pulmonary tuberculosis

10 February

  • Prof Miriam Santer & Dr Ingrid Muller: Developing and evaluating e-health interventions for young people with acne and eczema: experiences from the Eczema Care Online and Acne Care Online programme grants

  • Rachel Chappell: Southampton Emerging Therapies & Technology - The SETT Centre

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