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BRC Science Forum

During the pandemic, NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre established a weekly online forum to continue sharing and discussion of the latest research. To gain access for the upcoming talks, please contact

All staff with a University of Southampton login to Microsoft Teams can access the recordings of these talks via the links below (made available after the talk), whilst  University Hospital Southampton staff can access these recordings on StaffNet (search 'BRC Science Forum').


12 May

  • Prof Mark Sutton and Bethany Martin: Impedance-based Fast Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (iFAST)

  • Stephanie Easton: An adolescent breathing retraining self-management app (Breathe4T): pilot trial results

5 May

  • Dr Davide Filingeri: Autonomic and behavioural thermoregulatory responses to heat stress in women across the lifespan

  • Heather Parsons: Co-producing better science

28 April

  • Dr Josie Bryant (Wellcome Sanger Institute): Within-host genomic diversity of respiratory pathogens

17 March

  • Prof Saul Faust: COV-BOOST

10 March

  • Prof Jane Lucas & Dr Claire Jackson: Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia in the genomics age

3 March

  • Dr Beth Clark: Supporting teams to deliver more Personalised Care - The Wessex Activation, Self-Management and Personalisation Programme

  • Dr Edilson Arruda: Patient pathway modelling for resource capacity planning and Personalised Care

24 February

  • Dr Jagmohan Chauhan: Acoustic Sensing for Healthcare

  • Dr Hannah Schiff: Towards a point of care test for pulmonary tuberculosis

10 February

  • Prof Miriam Santer & Dr Ingrid Muller: Developing and evaluating e-health interventions for young people with acne and eczema: experiences from the Eczema Care Online and Acne Care Online programme grants

  • Rachel Chappell: Southampton Emerging Therapies & Technology - The SETT Centre

3 February

  • Dr Kristin Veighey & Kay Mitchell: UHS Research Leaders Programme (RLP)

  • Olatundun Gafari: Methods and strategies for engaging relevant communities in co-production research for improving public health

27 January

  • Prof Nick Harvey : MRC LEC and the MRC National Musculoskeletal Ageing Network

  • Dr Cathrine McKenzie & Dr Scott Bolesta: AduLt iatrogEnic withdRawal sTudy in the ICU (ALERT-ICU) UK findings

20 January

  • Dr Arjuna Ratnayaka: The effects of an unhealthy diet on the neuroretina: insights from a high-fat diet mouse model (consent not given for recording - contact for more information)

  • Prof Helen Cullington: Optimising hearing for young people with bilateral cochlear implants using virtual reality



2 December

  • Dr Adam Dale: Controlled human infection to understand meningococcal colonisation

25 November

  • Dr Sam Thompson: Peptidomimetics to mediate protein-protein interactions and protein misfolding conditions

  • Dr Tim Fenton: APOBEC3 enzymes as a source of somatic mutations in cancer. The enemy within?

18 November

  • Dr Kesta Durkin and Dr Maclyn Augustine: The CANDO-3 Study

  • Dr Charles Burson-Thomas: Quantifying Joint Congruence with an Elastic Foundation

11 November

  • Prof Saul Faust, Prof Chris Kipps, Dr Ruth Challis, Mr David Stockley, Dr Kathy Potter & Prof Gareth Thomas: Clinical Samples for Research and Innovation for Patient Benefit

4 November

  • Mr Zaed Hamady: Early detection of pancreatic cancer

  • Dr Jennifer Williams: Speech Technologies That Can Help Improve Our Health and Wellbeing

21 October

  • Prof Mahesan Niranjan: Challenges and Frontiers in Inference from Medical Images

14 October

  • Prof Saul Faust: Lessons from the pandemic for clinical research

8 July

  • Dr Stephen Lim: Developing novel interventions to promote healthy ageing in older adults

  • Prof Mike Grocott: BRC award and plans going forward

1 July

  • Dr David J Rowe & Dr Dan Owens: Bedside measurement of antimicrobials for therapeutic drug monitoring using mid-infrared photonics

  • Dr Adam Taylor: Targeting intracellular Burkholderia with an antibody-antibiotic conjugate

24 June

  • Prof Ian Wilson  (external speaker from The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla): Immune recognition of SARS-CoV-2: Implications for pan-coronavirus vaccines and therapeutics

17 June

  • Mr Nigel Hall: Evaluating non-operative treatment of appendicitis in children

  • Dr Negusse Kitaba: Preconception paternal environment and offspring lung health

10 June

  • Prof Neil White: The capaciflector: A wearable, low-cost respiration sensor

  • Steven Vidovic: Open Access – Funding and funder agreements

27 May

  • Andrew Bates: Can trauma-focussed psychological therapy promote recovery from intensive care?

  • Dr Jenny Lord: A systematic analysis of splicing variants identifies new diagnoses in the 100,000 Genomes Project

20 May

  • Paula Sands & Gem Fitzsimmons: Research Outputs – Making the most of Pure and ORCiD

  • Prof Ioannis Ieropoulos: Bioenergy for the Environment, Robotics and beyond

13 May

  • Prof Gareth Griffiths: The building of a national phase 1/2a COVID trials platform during the pandemic - AGILE

  • Geoff Saunders: A description of the innovative Bayesian statistical designs used in AGILE

6 May

  • Dr Georges Limbert: A modelling-based mechanistic insight into skin biophysics

  • Dr Jean Zhang: The Hertfordshire Cohort Study- Nutrition and Physical Activity Study (NAPA)

25 March

  • Prof Martin Kunc: Behavioural interventions using a systems perspective

18 March

  • Dr Nicholas Evans: Bubbles for bonding broken bones

  • Dr Alejandra Recio-Saucedo: Developing and promoting a study registry and online community for Research on Research 

11 March

  • Preeti Dhuria: Mapping stakeholder views on food promotion and placement regulations 2022

4 March

  • Prof Nick Francis: Improving antimicrobial stewardship in primary care through point of care testing and clinical prediction tools

18 February

  • Dr Sarah El-Heis: Maternal influences on offspring eczema

  • Prof Nick Harvey: Gestational vitamin D supplementation: observation, mechanism and intervention in the MAVIDOS Trial

11 February

  • Prof Toby King: Commercialising your research

  • Patricia Goggin and Katie Dexter: The Biomedical Imaging Unit: introducing our new in vivo imaging capabilities!

4 February

  • Dr Izzy Norville: Enhanced therapeutics for the treatment of pathogens of concern to the defence community

  • Dr Adam Whelan: Evaluation of lung delivered therapeutics in animal models of bacterial pneumonia

28 January

  • Dr Andrew Cumpstey: Oxygen therapy during anaesthesia for major surgery and the role of oxidative stress

  • Dr Rebecca Cusack: Early physical rehabilitation of the critically ill

21 January

  • Dr Sofia Strommer: Health research with adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: challenges and triumphs

  • Dr Kordo Saeed: The ill looking well and the well looking ill: biomarkers, clinical scoring and triaging

14 January

  • Prof Saul Faust: COV-BOOST results and update on new trial sub-studies


10 December 

  • Prof Gary Connett: Asthma, classical conditioning and the autonomic nervous system​

3 December 

  • Prof M. C. Schraefel: Inbodied Interaction: Health Resilience Design to help #MakeNormalBetter for all, at scale

26 November 

  • Prof Graham Roberts: Impact of the pandemic on paediatric presentations and admissions

  • Anna Rattu & Dr Ekaterina Khaleva: Development of a core outcome measures set for severe asthma

19 November 

  • Dr Aneurin Young: Preterm Growth and Nutrition

12 November

  • Prof Philip Calder: Obesity, immunity and COVID-19

5 November

  • Dr Angela Darekar: A brief overview of MRI and clinical imaging research in Southampton – current status and future aspirations

22 October 

  • Prof James Nicoll: Immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease

15 October 

  • Prof Diana Eccles: UoS Faculty of Medicine - Vision and Strategy

9 July

  • Prof Rob Read: Lessons from the Human Challenge Programme

2 July

  • Prof Mike Grocott: BRC application update

25 June

  • Prof Reza Nouraei: THRIVE: A hearty breath

  • Prof Ratko Djukanovic: Using multi-omics biomarkers to predict clinical responses in severe asthma

18 June

  • Dr Richard Marigold: NIHR Hyperacute Stroke Research Centre at UHS

  • Sarah Shaw: The interplay between adolescents’ physical food and social environments, and their role in food purchasing

11 June

  • Dr Salah Mansour: Unconventional T cells in TB

  • Dr Danielle Schoenaker: Characterising the state of preconception health in England

28 May

  • Prof Sam Cortese: Treatment of ADHD: looking back, looking forward

21 May

  • Dr Michaela Reichmann: Discovery of new therapeutic targets in tuberculosis by integrating clinical sample and advanced cell culture analyses

  • Elizabeth Taylor: Combined interventions in the inter-conception period and the risk of childhood obesity

14 May

  • Prof Christopher Byrne: NAFLD, a common underdiagnosed 21st century disease: linking paediatric obesity and adult diabetes, CVD and cancers

7 May

  • Dr Natalie Cox: Exploring Influences on Appetite in Ageing

  • Dilini Kothalawala: Predicting childhood asthma using machine learning and data integration approaches – developing clinical, polygenic and epigenetic risk scores

30 April

  • Imogen Stafford, Guo Cheng & Dr James Ashton: Big Data & Machine Learning in IBD

23 April

  • Dr Claire Jackson & Dr Cornelia Blume: A novel ACE2 isoform is expressed in human respiratory epithelia and is upregulated in response to interferons and RNA respiratory virus infection

  • Dr Faidra Laskou: Musculoskeletal health in older adults and impact of COVID-19 pandemic

26 March

  • Prof Mary Barker: The value of conversation: why talking to people during the pandemic is every bit as important as surveying, testing and vaccinating them

  • Prof Anneke Lucassen & Prof Dame Wendy Hall: Digital Health Research Theme

19 March

  • Prof Graham Burdge: Harnessing transgenic technology to improve dietary intake of marine-type omega-3 fatty acids

12 March

  • Prof Lucy Yardley & Prof Mary Barker: Supporting Behaviour Change Research Theme

  • Prof Tom Wilkinson: Respiratory Research Theme

  • Prof Keith Godfrey: Lifecourse Nutrition, Lifestyle and Health Research Themes

5 March

  • Prof Rob Read: Infection Research Theme

  • Prof Mike Grocott: Perioperative and Critical Care Research Theme

26 February

  • Prof Adriane (Age) Chapman: Designing Data Science analytics for all stakeholders – a look into shortcomings, tools and research in building data science analysis for people

12 February

  • Prof Mike Grocott: Future BRC 2022-2027

  • Prof Saul Faust: Future CRF 2022-2027

5 February

  • Dr Chandni Maria Jacob: Preconception and the life course approach to health: implications for informing policy and practice

  • Judit Varkonyi-Sepp: Taking a closer look at depression and anxiety in asthma

29 January

  • Prof Nick Harvey: UK Biobank: a unique resource for musculoskeletal research

22 January

  • Prof Sarah Ennis: Omics  in IBD

15 January

  • Prof Cyrus Cooper: Lifecourse epidemiology of musculoskeletal disorder


11 December

  • Prof Paul Elkington: Anti-PD-1 treatment reactivating TB 

4 December

  • Prof Denny Levett: Inspire: reducing postoperative pulmonary complications?

  • Dr Tim Wallis: Respiratory follow-up of patients with COVID-19

27 November

  • Prof Sir Stephen Holgate: Air pollution - the environmental health challenge of our time!

20 November

  • Ravita Taheem: How is political commitment to tackling childhood obesity demonstrated in local government (a public health workforce perspective)?

  • Dr Mark Edwards: Improving Perioperative Care

13 November

  • Dr Caroline Barker: Equitable research – how PPI can support inclusive research

  • Amanda Blatch-Jones / Katie Meadmore: Peer review and decision-making in research funding allocation: generating evidence to maximise value and efficiency for funding organisations

6 November

  • Dr Nathan Brendish: Point-of-care testing for COVID-19 in hospitalised patients

  • Dr Elizabeth Payne: Developing and testing a Screen and Treat for Malnutrition (STREAM) intervention in primary care

30 October

  • Prof Tom Wilkinson: COVID- 19 Therapeutics: Finding new treatments for a new disease

23 October

  • Prof Jonathan Swann: Metabolites, microbiota, and the mammalian supra-organism

16 October

  • Dr Chris McCormick: Immunodiagnostics, could it have a role in identifying COVID-19 infected individuals?

  • Prof Gareth Griffith: Southampton Clinical Trials Unit – creating evidence today for the patient benefit of tomorrow 

17 July

  • Prof Paul Little: The immune defence trial

  • Dr Yihua Wang: Serum procalcitonin level is indicative of outcome in COVID-19 patients receiving invasive ventilation

10 July

  • Dr Ruth Challis: NIHR Bioresource, Southampton Research Biorepository (SRB) and COVID-19

3 July

  • Dr Hannah Burke: Point of care inflammatory phenotyping predicts clinical outcome in COVID-19

  • Dr Matt Loxham: COVID-19 and air pollution – what do we know?

26 June

  • Dr Elaine Williams: Wessex Institute’s support to NIHR COVID-19 response 

  • Dr Chrissie Jones: A Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome Temporally Associated With SARS-CoV-2

  • Prof Rob Read: The challenge of COVID Human Challenge

19 June

  • Prof Christopher Byrne: Diabetes, obesity and COVID 19: what can we learn from global epidemiology?

  • Prof Ratko Djukanovic: Immune profiling of COVID-19 patients In relation to disease severity: important clues for novel therapies?

  • Dr Hang Phan: BRC Data Science Theme COVID-19 response in UHS/UoS

12 June

  • Dr Jay Laver: A nasally-administered recombinant bacterial commensal to generate immunity to SARS-CoV-2

  • Prof Ian Clarke: RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection

  • Dr Ben Ainsworth: Germ Defence: a digital intervention to improve infection control behaviours in the home

5 June

  • Prof Sandy Jack - SafeFit trial

  • Dr David Cleary - Genome Sequencing of SARS-Cov-2

  • Dr Vito Mennella - Discovery of a novel ACE2 isoform and potential role in​ Sars-Cov-2 infection

22 May

  • Prof Salim Khakoo - NK cells: a therapeutic opportunity for COVID-19

  • Prof Christian Ottensmeier - Examining T cell responses in virus infection (ExCel)

  • Dr Max Crispin - SARS-CoV-2 viral spike glycoprotein and serological testing

15 May

  • Ratko Djukanovic - Treatment of severe COVID-19 pneumonia with CM4620-IE, an IV formulation of a novel CRAC channel inhibitor

  • Saul Faust - COVID-19 vaccine trials in Southampton

  • Bill Keevil - Breaking the chain of infection with antimicrobial copper

7 May

  • Mary Barker - COVID-19: exploring messaging and support for young people

  • Philip Calder - Nutrition, immunity & COVID-19​

  • Mike Grocott - COV-Surf (nebulized surfactant for severe COVID-19)

1 May

  • Donna Davies - Modeling SARS-COV-2 infection in vitro - a translational perspective

  • Tristan Clark - Point-of-care testing for COVID-19: what have we learned so far?~

24 April 

  • Chris McCormick - An overview of the human coronaviruses, how they replicate and early insights into culture adapted mutations​

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