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Our research

Research themes

Our research themes concentrate specific expertise, clinical links and resources to speed the translation of discoveries into new understanding, treatments and care.

Nutrition, Lifestyle and Metabolism

Driving better health and care across the whole life course, through three key strands; starting well in life, staying healthy for longer, and improving nutritional care.

Healthy Food

Respiratory and Allergy

Our respiratory and critical care research teams employ their world-leading expertise to improve diagnosis, treatments and care for those with a range of lung conditions.

Dandelion Fields

Data, Health and Society

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and insights into health data to support healthcare decision making.

Market Analysis

Microbiology, Immunology and Infection

Improving the health and resilience of individuals and the NHS by engineering new solutions to reduce infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance

bacteria-3658992_1280 (1).jpg

Perioperative, Surgical and Critical Care

Working to use individualised care and shared decision making to improve survival, recovery and quality of life for those experiencing surgery or critical illness.

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