Documents, procedures
and templates

We are building a free to access repository of downloads covering methods, standard operating procedures and templates used in research across our research themes. 

Here you can view and download these, alongside communications templates and stationery for Southampton clinical researchers and BRC staff.

SOP template for your quality assurance work

Strict management of detailed and accurate SOPs is core to any quality assured research activity. We've provided a free to use SOP template that can be customised for your institution or project, alongside an illustrative example. You can download these via the links below.

Our research methods and SOPs

Our nutritional assessment toolkit is the first package provided under our methodology sharing programme. You can view and download the SOPs and protocols that form the toolkit here.

Southampton templates and stationery

Here we’ve compiled the templates you need to communicate about Southampton's, clinical research effectively. We’ve organised these according to the nature of your work and its funding.

You can gain an access to your templates and stationery sets by selecting one of the following options:

Which templates are you looking for?

NIHR BRC corporate templates (Your communication is about, or on behalf of, our NIHR BRC)


Poster Presentation deck Letterhead Business card

Joint BRC and CRF templates (Your clinical research is a part of joint BRC and CRF)

All other clinical research in Southampton (Your clinical research is conducted in Southampton is indirectly funded/supported by NIHR BRC/NIHR WTCRF, CRN, or other organisation)

NIHR funded research communications (Your research is directly funded by an NIHR programme or funding stream)