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Dr Ruben Sanchez-Garcia


Associate Professor in Pure and Applied Mathematics

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Ruben Sanchez-Garcia is an Associate Professor in Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton. 

He has a pure mathematics background in Algebraic Topology, although is currently working in the interface between pure and applied mathematics, particularly network modelling and analysis, and applied topology, in problems motivated by real-world applications, particularly biomedical ones.

Landmark publications:

BD MacArthur, RJ Sánchez-García, JW Anderson. Symmetry in complex networks. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 156 (18), 3525-3531

P Greulich, BD MacArthur, C Parigini, RJ Sánchez-García. Universal principles of lineage architecture and stem cell identity in renewing tissues. Development, 148 (11), dev194399

Major grants:

NIHR Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions. Multidisciplinary Ecosystem to study Lifecourse Determinants and Prevention of Burdensome Mid-life Multimorbidity. 2021-2024, £2,146,057, co-Investigator

Turing-Roche Strategic Partnership: Structural Missingness. Using network science to quantify the geometry of “missingness”. 2021-2023, £247,921, co-PI

Impact example:

Spin-off company TopMD and director)

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