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Dr Matt Stammers


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In the future clinical algorithms will help us decide what to do and, in some cases, make   clinical and reporting decisions for us. We are starting to see this in some   areas like radiology already – this reality will eventually affect all clinical specialties.

My long term goal is for UHS to become a national leader in data science with a strong track record of delivering applied clinical algorithms, products and tools which improve care for patients and make work better for clinical staff.

Landmark publications: 

Carr E, Bendayan R, Bean D, Stammers M, Wang W, Zhang H, Searle T, Kraljevic Z, Shek A, Phan HT, Muruet W. Evaluation and improvement of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) for COVID-19: a multi-hospital study. BMC medicine. 2021 Dec;19(1):1-6.

Livingstone R, Lin H, Brendish NJ, Poole S, Tanner AR, Borca F, Smith T, Stammers M, Clark TW. Routine molecular point-of-care testing for SARS-CoV-2 reduces hospital-acquired COVID-19. Journal of Infection. 2022 Apr 1;84(4):558-65.

Takamaru H, Stammers M, Yanagisawa F, Mizuguchi Y, Sekiguchi M, Yamada M, Sakamoto T, Matsuda T, Saito Y. Conditional inference tree models to perceive depth of invasion in T1 colorectal cancer. Surgical Endoscopy. 2022 Aug 1:1-0.

Stammers M, Rahmany S, Downey L, Borca F, Harris C, Harris R, McDonnell M, Sartain S, Coleman N, Stacey B, Smith TR. Impact of direct-access IBD physician delivered endoscopy on clinical outcomes: a pre-implementation and post-implementation study. Frontline Gastroenterology. 2022 Mar 7.

Phillips T, Stammers M, Leggatt G, Bonfield B, Fraser S, Armstrong K, Veighey K. Acute kidney injury in COVID‐19: Identification of risk factors and potential biomarkers of disease in a large UK cohort. Nephrology. 2021 May;26(5):420-31.

Major grants: 

ARC Wessex Medicines Optimisation Grant (led by S.Fraser).

Co-Authored NHSx digital innovation (faecal calprotectin) grant

Contributed to recent regional secure data grant applications.

Impact example: 

2021. Worked with Tristan Clark to convincingly demonstrate that front-door Point of Care Testing (POCT) reduces patient to patient hospital acquired covid-19.

2022. Developed an algorithm with a Japanese group which can moderately accurately detect depth of early colorectal cancer at endoscopy.

2022. Proved the benefits of a significant service change in the IBD service at UHS.

2022. Led a team to validate and ultimately deploy the first production-ready non-image focused machine learning (ML) and rule-based algorithms at UHS: (Clinical pathway validation (rule-based) and patient feedback classification (ML)).

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