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Jennifer Allison

Lead Matron

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Jennifer Allison is Lead Matron of the NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility. She is also NIHR Associate Director of Nursing and Midwifery, and immediate past president of the International Association of Clinical Research Nurses (IACRN).

Jennifer works with researchers on trial planning, to ensure delivery of a wide range of complex studies by her team. She leads over 70 research nurses and clinical research practitioners working in all areas of disease. They deliver experimental medicine studies involving adults and children, including regional vaccine studies.

Active in developing collaborations, Jennifer has a key strategic role locally and nationally. Through her NIHR role, she represents the research nursing workforce in national policy and decision making. She is a founding member of the Senior Management Team of the UK Clinical Research Facility Network. She leads their Workforce and Education Theme, developing staff throughout the NIHR infrastructure.

Jennifer received the IACRN, Distinguished Clinical Research Nurse Award in 2011. She went on to help realise their goal of having clinical research nursing recognised as a specialty of nursing practice in 2016. As president, Jennifer took this through to the 2021 launch of the IACRN'S internationally recognised board certification of clinical research nurses.

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