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Prof Jacek Brodzki

DPhil MSc

Professor of Pure Mathematics

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Prof Jacek Brodzki’s research is in how topological data analysis connects theoretical mathematics with applications in data-intensive applications in medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, and others. 

Topology, in combination with Machine Learning, AI, and other methodologies of modern Data Science offers new quantitative insights into complex, multi-dimensional and time dependent data as well as novel visualisation tools. Among recent projects, topology was used to quantify the structure of the lungs in COPD and provide a classification of the severity of the disease.

Landmark publications:

Lung topology characteristics in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Scientific Reports 8,1, 2018, 1-12

Hierarchical spectral clustering of power grids, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 29, 5 (2014)

The geometry of synchronization problems and learning group actions Discrete & Computational Geometry 65 (1), 2021, 150-211

Major grants:

Joining the Dots: From Data to Insight, EPSRC EP/N014189/1

Impact example:

KTP award with AI corporation

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