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Prof Hywel Morgan


Professor, Deputy Director IfLS

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Hywel Morgan is professor of Bioelectronics in the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), University of Southampton. He is also Deputy Director of the University Institute for Life Science. 

His research interests are in microfluidics its applications to biology and medicine, including novel diagnostics, sensing, and organ on chip. In 2016 he co-founded Verso Biosense, a spinout that develops implantable wireless sensors to continually record vital signs. In 2020 he co-directed a team that developed a personal respirator during the COVID19 pandemic (PeRSo). In 2020 he received an MBE for services to biomedical engineering in the Queen's Birthday Honours.

Landmark publications:

Spencer D., Inglis T., Paton T., Sutton J.M. and   Morgan H., iFAST: impedance-based Fast   Antimicrobial Susceptibly Test. Nature Comms., 11 5328 (2020).

Spencer D and Morgan   H. High   Speed Single Cell Dielectric Spectroscopy. ACS sensors 5 424 (2020).

Xavier   M., Holm S.H., Beech J.P., Spencer D., Tegenfeldt J.O., and Morgan H. Label-free   enrichment of primary human skeletal progenitor cells using deterministic   lateral displacement.  Lab on a Chip 19, 513-523 (2019).

Desalvo A., Bateman F., James E., Morgan H and   Elliott T., Time-resolved microwell   cell-pairing array reveals multiple T cell activation profiles. Lab Chip 20 3772 (2020).

Nakano   M., Kalsi S and Morgan H. Fast and   sensitive isothermal DNA assay using microbead dielectrophoresis for   detection of anti-microbial resistance genes. Biosensors and   Bioelectronics 117, 583-589. (2018).

Walker   DI., McQuillan J., Taiwo M., Parks R., Stenton CA., H Morgan and Mowlem M. A highly specific Escherichia coli qPCR   and its comparison with existing methods for environmental waters. Water   Research 126, 101-110 (2017).

Hu   C., Kalsi S., Zeimpekis I., Sun K., Ashburn P., Turner C., Sutton JM, and   Morgan H. Ultra-fast electronic detection of antimicrobial resistance genes   using isothermal amplification and Thin Film Transistor sensors. Biosensors   and Bioelectronics 96, 281-287 (2017).

Evans   D., Papadimitriou KI, Greathead L., Vasilakis N., Pantelidis P., Morgan H.   and Prodromakis T. An Assay System for Point-of-Care Diagnosis   of Tuberculosis using Commercially Manufactured PCB Technology  Nature Sci. Rep. 7 685 (2017).

Kalsi S., Sellars S.L., Turner C., Sutton   M.J., and Morgan H., A Programmable   Digital Microfluidic Assay for the Simultaneous Detection of Multiple   Anti-Microbial Resistance Genes. Micromachines 8, 111 (2017).

Blume   C., Reale R., Marie H., Matthew L., Millar T., Collins, J, Swindle E., Morgan,   H., and Davies D. Cellular crosstalk   between airway epithelial and endothelial cells regulates barrier functions   during exposure to double-stranded RNA. Immunity, Inflammation and   Disease, 5 45-56 (2017).

Major grants:

2016-19 NIHR i4i II-LB-0715-20002 (Co-I) IntraUterine SENSing   using a batteryless, wireless intrauterine platform (USENSE) £852,086

2018-21 EU FET Open (Co-I)   The Extracellular Vesicle Foundry  Euro   2,726,000

2020-24 EU BlueGrowth Horizon 2020 (Southampton PI) TechOceanS £961,639

2020-24 NIHR 200968 (Co-PI)   Bacterial impedance cytometry for rapid antibiotic susceptibility. £1.05M

Impact example:

Co-founded   Vivoplex, with Prof Ying Chong to develop wireless implantable sensors

Co-directed a   team that developed the PeRSo respirator during the Covid pandemic

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