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Perioperative and Critical Care:
Improving decision making

We are investigating how we can improve decision making for patients and health care professionals by

1.     Developing novel individualised risk models for patients

2.     Improving decision-making round the choice of surgery, resuscitation and treatment escalation/discontinuation

Image by benjamin lehman

Health needs we are tackling


How do we improve decision making for patients and healthcare professionals? 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and wearables: We are creating individualised risk models, using wearable technology, patient monitoring, and AI to enable precise continuous real-time iterative risk estimates.

  •  Improving decision making around surgery, resuscitation and treatment escalation: we are investigating how risk prediction, shared decision making, self-efficacy and peer support impact decision making and affect subsequent procedural regret, quality of life and outcomes. We are also investigating which factors impact variation and improve prognostic precision to improve decision-making at the end of life.


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