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Dr Adam Dale


NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases, Honorary Registrar in Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology

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Dr Adam Dale is an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton, and Honorary Registrar at University Hospital Southampton. 

His research is focused on understanding the immunological mechanisms that afford protection against upper respiratory tract pathobiont colonisation, with the ultimate aim of informing next-generation vaccines that induce herd protection by specifically preventing bacterial colonisation. Uniquely, Adam utilises upper respiratory tract controlled human infection models (Neisseria lactamica and Bordetella pertussis) to dissect these protective mechanisms.

Landmark publications:

Effect of colonization with Neisseria lactamica on cross-reactive anti-meningococcal B cell responses: A randomised, controlled, human infection trial. Dale, AP, Theodosiou, AA, Gbesemete, DF, Guy, JM, Jones, EF, Hill, AR, Ibrahim, MM, de Graaf, H, Ahmed, M, Faust, SN, Gorringe, AR, Polak, ME, Laver, JR, Read, RC. The Lancet Microbe (Accepted 14.09.22).

Controlled human infection with Neisseria lactamica in late pregnancy to measure horizontal transmission and microbiome changes in mother-neonate pairs: a single-arm interventional pilot study protocol. Theodosiou, AA, Laver JR, Dale AP, Cleary DW, Jones CE, Read RC. BMJ Open, 2022; 12(5):e056081.

Neisseria lactamica Controlled Human Infection Model. Dale AP, Gbesemete DF, Read RC, Laver JR. Methods in Molecular Biology, 2022; 2414: 287-404.

A recombinant commensal bacteria elicits heterologous antigen-specific immune responses during pharyngeal carriage. Laver JR, Gbesemete D, Dale AP, Pounce ZC, Webb CN, Roche EF, Guy JM, Berreen G, Belogiannis K, Hill AR, Ibrahim MM, Ahmed M, Cleary DW, Pandey AK, Humhries HE, Allen L, de Graaf H, Maiden MC, Faust SN, Gorringe AR, Read RC. Science Translational Medicine, 2021; 13 (601): eabe8573.

Microevolution of Neisseria lactamica during nasopharyngeal colonisation induced by controlled human infection. Pandey A, Cleary DW, Laver JR, Gorringe A, Deasy AM, Dale AP, Morris PD, Didelot X, Maiden MCJ, Read RC. Nature Communications, 2018: 9(1); 4753. PMID: 30420631.

Genomes of Escherichia coli bacteraemia isolates originating from urinary tract foci contain more virulence-associated genes than those from non-urinary foci and neutropaenic hosts. Dale AP, Pandey AK, Hesp RJ, Belogiannis K, Laver JR, Shone CC, Read RC. Journal of Infection, 2018: 77(6): 534-543. PMID: 30391630

Procalcitonin levels predict infectious complications and response to treatment in patients undergoing cytoreductive surgery for peritoneal malignancy. Saeed K, Dale AP, Leung E, Cusack T, Mohamed F, Lockyer G, Arnaudov S, Wade A, Moran B, Lewis G, Dryden M, Cecil T, Cepeda JA European Journal of Surgical Oncology, 2016; 42(2): 234-243. PMID 26560024

Extra-intestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli (ExPEC): Disease, carriage and clones. Dale AP, Woodford N. Journal of Infection, 2015, 71(6): 615-626. PMID 26409905.

Nasal Inoculation of the Commensal Neisseria lactamica Inhibits Carriage of Neisseria meningitidis by Young Adults: A Controlled Human Infection Study. Deasy AM, Guccione E, Dale AP, Andrews N, Evans CM, Bennett JS, Bratcher HB, Maiden MC, Gorringe AR, Read RC. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2015; 60(10): 1512-20. PMID: 25762487

Hepatic Tract Plug-Embolisation After Biliary Stenting. Is It Worthwhile? Dale AP, Khan R, Mathew A, Hersey NO, Peck R, Lee F, Goode SD. Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology, 2015; 38(5): 1244-1251. PMID: 25762487

Novel negative pressure wound therapy with instillation and the management of diabetic foot infections. Dale AP, Saeed K. Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases, 2015; 28(2): 151-7. PMID 25692273

Genetic Susceptibility to Meningococcal Infection. Dale AP, Read RC. Expert Reviews of Anti-Infective Therapy, 2013; 11(2): 187-199. PMID 23409824.

Renal Failure and Leukocytosis are Predictors of a Complicated Course of Clostridium Difficile Infection if Measured on Day of Diagnosis. Bauer MP, Hensgens MP, Miller, MA, Gerding DN, Wilcox MH, Dale, AP, Fawley WN, Kuijper EJ, Gorbach SL. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2012: 55 (supplement 2): S149-153. PMID 22752864.

Major grants:

October 2022 - Principal Investigator: HIC-VAC Pump-priming grant (£50,475.38). Using magnetic enrichment to characterise the frequency and effector phenotype of rare antigen-specific CD4+ memory T cell responses induced by experimental colonisation with wild-type and genetically modified strains of Neisseria lactamica.

September 2022 – Principal Investigator: Academy of Medical Sciences Starter Grants for Clinical Lecturers (£29,842). Characterising human CD4+ effector T cell responses following experimentally induced colonisation with genetically modified Neisseria lactamica expressing the meningococcal vaccine antigen, Neisseria adhesin A.

August 2022 – Co-Investigator: NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre PhD Studentship (£90,108). Evaluation of adaptive immune responses to genetically modified upper respiratory tract commensal flora using controlled human infection.

May 2017-July 2021 - Wellcome Trust Doctoral Research Training Fellowship (£298,900). Title: Defining the immune response to nasopharyngeal colonisation with commensal Neisseria lactamica.

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