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Prof Salim Khakoo


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Professor Salim Khakoo is currently the Professor of Hepatology at The University of Southampton. He has over 20 years experience working on innate immunity and the immune response to hepatitis viruses and hepatocellular cancer through research grants from The MRC, The Wellcome Trust, The NIH (USA) and Cancer Research UK. 

He has published in the leading scientific journals including Nature Science, PNAS and Science Immunology. More recently, he has focused on addressing areas of unmet need setting up a community project to identify individuals with hepatitis C within disadvantaged populations, and to identify generic determinants associated with the outcome of COVID-19 infection that assort with ethnicity. 

We are specifically interested in understanding how ethnicity contributes to the outcome of diseases, especially through diversity in the innate immune response. We are also working on the NIHR eHIC project using routine data to better understand chronic liver disease.

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