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Prof Paul Skipp


Professor of Proteomics, Director of the Centre for Proteomic Research and Integrative Molecular Phenotyping Centre

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Paul Skipp is Professor in Proteomics and Director of the Centre for Proteomic Research and Integrative Molecular Phenotyping Centre at the University of Southampton. 

He leads research across the University in the area of Precision Medicine and molecular phenotyping with a primary focus on using proteomics and multi-dimensional data analytics to answer a range of complex biological problems across a broad range of biological research areas. 

He collaborates with academic partners and pharmaceutical companies across the areas of respiratory, allergy, infection and cancer, applying and developing Precision Medicine based approaches to generate a better understanding for the diagnosis, stratification and treatment of disease. 

Landmark publications: 

1. U-BIOPRED Study Group, Schofield, J. P. R., Burg, D., Nicholas, B., Strazzeri, F., Brandsma, J., Staykova, D., Folisi, C., Bansal, A. T., Xian, Y., Guo, Y., Rowe, A., Corfield, J., Wilson, S., Ward, J., Lutter, R., Shaw, D. E., Bakke, P. S., Caruso, M., ... Djukanović, R. (2019). Stratification of asthma phenotypes by airway proteomic signatures. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 144(1), 70-82.

2. Tariq, K., Schofield, J. P. R., Nicholas, B. L., Burg, D., Brandsma, J., Bansal, A. T., Wilson, S. J., Lutter, R., Fowler, S. J., Bakke, M., Caruso, M., Dahlen, B., Horvath, I., Krug, N., Montuschi, P., Sanak, M., Sandstrom, T., Geiser, T., Pandis, I., ... Djukanovic, R.(2019). Sputum proteomic signature of gastro-oesophageal reflux in patients with severe asthma. Respiratory Medicine, 150, 66-73.

3. U-BIOPRED Consortium, Jevnikar, Z., Östling, J., Ax, E., Calvén, J., Thörn, K., Israelsson, E., Öberg, L., Singhania, A., Lau, L., Wilson, S., Ward, J., Chauhan, A., Sousa, A., Meulder, B., Loza, M., Baribaud, F., Sterk, P., Chung, K. F., ... Olsson, H. (2019). Epithelial IL-6 trans-signaling defines a new asthma phenotype with increased airway inflammation. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 143(2), 577-590.

4. Shapanis, A., Lai, C., Smith, S., Coltart, G., Sommerlad, M., Schofield, J., Parkinson, E., Skipp, P., & Healy, E. (2020). Identification of proteins associated with development of metastasis from cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas (cSCCs) via proteomic analysis of primary cSCCs. British Journal of Dermatology.

5. Blume, C., Jackson, C., Spalluto, C., Legebeke, J., Nazlamova, L., Conforti, F., Perotin-Collard, J-M., Frank, M., Butler, J., Crispin, M., Coles, J., Thompson, J., Ridley, R., Dean, L., Loxham, M., Reikine, S., Azim, A., Tariq, K., Johnston, D., ... Mennella, V. (2021). A novel ACE2 isoform is expressed in human respiratory epithelia and is upregulated in response to interferons and RNA respiratory virus infection. Nature Genetics, 53(2), 205–214.,

6. Bailey, A., Nicholas, B., Darley, R., Parkinson, E., Teo, Y., Aleksic, M., Maxwell, G., Elliott, T., Ardern-Jones, M., & Skipp, P.(2020). Characterization of the class I MHC peptidome resulting from DNCB exposure of HaCaT cells. Toxicological Sciences, [kfaa184].

Major grants: 

H2020 Innovative medicines Initiative (COVID-19 Rapid Response) - The RapiD and SecuRe AI enhAnced DiaGnosis, Precision Medicine and Patient EmpOwerment Centered Decision Support System for Coronavirus PaNdemics (DRAGON) - 11.0 Million Euro.

Against Breast Cancer - ABC Discover Programme Grant  – Deep Molecular phenotyping of Breast Cancer - £1.2 M.

Novartis - Study of Mechanisms of action of Omalizumab in Severe Asthma (SoMOSA) - £3.96M.

Unilever - Integrated experimental and in-silico modelling of MHC presentation in skin sensitization - £610,000.

EPSRC – Joining the Dots: From Data to Insight - £1.5 M.

CRUK - Network accelerator – personalised vaccine development - £3.9 M.

CRUK - Peptide editing in the MHC I antigen processing pathway and its relevance to cancer - £1.93M.

BBSRC - ALERT 14 – High Resolution Mass Spectrometer to support Proteomic Research across the Southern 4 Proteomic Consortium £549,000

Innovate UK (ICURe) Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) follow on funding: TopMD Pathway Biomarker Catalogue - £205,000

Impact example: 

Professor Skipp is a  founder and Director of the University spin-out TopMD Precision Medicine Ltd, an artificial intelligence company created to advance Precision Medicine through rapid discovery of pathway biomarkers for precise diagnosis and prognosis informing therapeutic treatment. (see also, Future Worlds). 

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