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Prof Martin Feelisch


Professor of Experimental Medicine & Integrative Biology

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After the study of pharmacy, Martin Feelisch earned his PhD in Pharmacology from Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf and a habilitation (postdoctoral research and teaching qualification) in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Cologne. 

He was appointed to the Personal Chair of Experimental Medicine & Integrative Biology at the University of Southampton in 2012, following a series of senior research positions in both industry (Director of Pharmacology, Schwarz Pharma) and academia (University College London, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Boston University School of Medicine, Warwick University) in the US and in Europe.

Martin is a Systems Biologist and Analytical Chemist with particular interests in cardiovascular pharmacology, intermediary metabolism, evolutionary biology and photobiology, disease mechanisms, and the chemical biology of nitric oxide, nitroxyl and sulfur in its various forms. More recent research areas include the role of sunlight for cardiovascular health, mechanisms of adaptation to hypoxia and other stressors, and the significance of nutrition for health and resilience. His particular interests in the chemical interactions between reactive oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur species (ROS, RNS, RSS) related to mitochondrial function, redox signalling and electron balance at the whole-body level led to the development of the ‘Reactive Species Interactome’ concept and a conceptual framework known as the ‘Redox Interactome’.

Work in Martin’s lab is both hypothesis- and curiosity-driven and includes basic as well as translational research projects in all of the above areas. Current development efforts in his lab focus on targeted metabolomic approaches (‘redox metabolomics’) to disentangle mechanisms of redox regulation in health and disease.

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