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Prof Miriam Santer


Professor of Primary Care Research

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Miriam Santer is a GP at Denmark Road Medical Centre in Bournemouth and a Professor of Primary Care Research in the Faculty of Medicine.

Her research focus is on supporting self-management for long-term conditions, including NIHR-funded programmes of research supporting self-management of eczema ( and acne (Acne Care Online).

Professor Santer co-leads NIHR HTA-funded SAFA (Spironolactone for Adult Female Acne), which is a randomised trial of spironolactone vs placebo for the treatment of acne in women.

Other research interests include NIHR HTA-funded BEE trial (Best Emollient for Eczema), TIGER (Trial of Eczema allergy Screening Tests) and COAT (cellulitis) trials.

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