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Families become part of something life-changing at science festival

Visitors of all ages learned how research is life-changing at Southampton Science and Engineering Day.

Thousands of people joined the celebration at the University of Southampton on Saturday. They entered hands-on activities, workshops, live shows, talks and tours.

Health researchers, staff and volunteers exhibited from the Southampton Centre for Research Engagement and Impact. They were based in the Centenary Building on Highfield Campus.

Families were invited to ‘be part of something life-changing… research’. They learned how research is improving current medicines, treatments and care.

Heather Parsons, Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead, said:

“We have fantastic researchers, scientists and academics who all have excellent ideas for creating research programmes. But if they don’t hear the lived experiences of the public they can never be completely sure that they’re delivering research that helps everybody.”

Hear from voices across the day in our audio clip, below.


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